Ausschuss appeared on our radar almost exactly a year ago, contributing to a C.A.N.V.A.S. compilation seeking to “re-evaluate the graphic score and other means by which music has been codified.” Where they tasked the likes of Ben Vince and Flora Yin-Wong to create something inspired by Japanese rock gardens, the Berlin-based producer’s brief involved exploring the impact visual representations beyond traditional music notation had on experimental composition.

Wielding sound design and polyrhythms as a tool to humanise and deconstruct club sounds, the resulting track questioned how music can be conceived in the mind. Where a Haunter Records debut announced the arrival of an intriguing newcomer, this positioned him right in the vanguard of contemporary experimental music. An appearance on Partisan, the environmentally conscious compilation from Circadian Rhythms, only acknowledges this further.

Ausschuss has made a habit of playing with the expectation of boundaries to challenge and confound. Delivering an hour of bass mutations, angular techno abstractions and cutting-edge electronics, this is no less true of his mix.

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