Evgenii Fadeev, AKA Flaty, champions a sound centred around sonic experimentation and ingenuity. Underpinned by a desire to cover new ground, the Moscow-based producer trials new methods and techniques to achieve his idiosyncratic vision. A feeling of freeform improvisation belies the fact that everything is intentional. Deliberately alien and asymmetric, the juxtaposition of organic, initiative flow and intricately woven structure has rendered electronics and rhythmic experiments as intriguing as any in recent memory.

Time and again, the Gost Zvuk crew Fadeev counts himself part of have demonstrated how Russia can be fertile ground for electronic experimentation. Alongside occasional collaborator OL and Pavel Mikalyov, AKA Buttechno, he is one of the scene’s foremost exponents, appearing on labels like Soda Gong, 12th Isle, West Mineral Ltd. and ANWO Records, a platform solely dedicated to his own creative endeavours.

The experimental and evocative nature of Fadeev’s music recurs under various guises, from perfumed, vaporous IDM under his primary alias to library-tinged outsider house and psychedelic downtempo. It’s a dizzying number of projects to keep track of, but this mix is as comprehensive an introduction as you’re likely to get.

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