Óneiroi, the name given to Antoine 80‘s recently announced LYL Radio show, belies the music featured inside. Translating to ‘dreams’ in Ancient Greek, he dedicated the pilot broadcast to a god typically associated with sleeping and dreaming – hardly the sort of imagery you’d associate with braindance aesthetics, hard-edged drum programming and accelerated BPMs. Cut from the same cloth as local talents like Maoupa Mazzocchetti, Antoine will fly the flag for his hometown having been commissioned to feature on the soon-to-be Brussels arm of LYL’s expanding universe.

He’s also graced Belgian label Vastechoses with caustic electro and sonorous digi-dub. Forged of slime and grit, those productions both draw parallels with the aforementioned radio manoeuvres while bearing similarities with this mix. Recorded at a free party when many of us are still stuck in lockdown, it offers a chance to live the distant dream of dancing with other people vicariously, while serving as a dizzying and comprehensive introduction to the Antoine 80 sound.

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