A quick browse of XVARR’s website website reveals writing credits for journals on magico-anthropology, spirituality and the occult, but it’s hardly surprising. It is from that very subject matter that he engages in the act of myth-making as an artist: a Good Morning Tapes debut referencing the ancient Hindu spiritual practice of Kundalini remains the most literal example, but track titles elsewhere allude to themes of Gnosticism, Illuminism and healing.

The Twin Womb Recordings founder, who some will know by another alias, certainly cuts an enigmatic figure. An attempt to re-mystify the art of electronic music making, or devices to further highlight certain qualities of his synth-based alchemy, it’s demonstrative of his pursuit of transcendence and spirituality through music. Equal parts astral and pastoral, it is from this place that he conjures an introspective brand of ambient and downtempo.

Recent XVARR output has been the product of a reacquaintance with older technologies. Using intuitive finesse as means of navigating this gear, it has rendered some truly captivating music, and his mix is composed of sonic fragments from recent sessions. It serves as the perfect entry point to the South Londoner’s boundless sound.

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