In a recent interview, Florent Hadjinazarian, AKA HAJJ, explained how his “music tastes are really extended, from mainstream to alternative, from rap to ambient, from pop to noise”. Combine that with a creative approach that is, for want of a better word, cinematic, and you begin to build a clearer picture of what he’s all about.

Hadjinazarian draws from noise, the UK hardcore continuum, erotic horror manga and para-surrealist writings. Also very much part of the MTV generation, these influences inform his work, whether releasing on labels like BFDM and PRR! PRR!, the roles he plays within DAWN and Schnell Records respectively, or the audio-visual dimension of that output. Singular in his vision, you could say the French producer, artistic director and visual artist engages in the act of world-building through aesthetic innovation.

His mix was recorded somewhere in rural Auvergne, France, amongst mud and cows as 300 people descended on a field for the first edition of Paturia Festival. Awash with bass-heavy futurism and rapping in both English and French, it’s easy to draw comparisons with his Hash-Ups Vol. 1 compilation – rumour has it that some of the edits played may find their way onto a second instalment in the series. This is HAJJ at his most devastating, charging through the severe and detailed while bleeding into sentimental and euphoric territory on occasion.

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