Dimitris Papadatos, AKA Jay Glass Dubs, is a bit of a musical chameleon. A recent interview explained how he’s “never in the same frame of mind or spirit” from one studio session to the next, and it shows in the final product. Where earlier releases like New Teeth For An Old Country took a more literal approach to dub, recent efforts, like Soma on Berceuse Heroique, applied those dynamics to a myriad of styles.

The Athens-based producer makes music from a counterfactual perspective, one where he isn’t an outsider to the soundsystem culture pervading his sound. It’s a culture that he finds himself at odds with due to a history of prevailing homophobia and misogyny – instead, Papadatos finds himself drawn to DIY outsiders that applied dub dynamics in similarly unconventional ways.

The modus operandi is fairly straight-forward: cherrypick certain elements of your influences and apply them to varying styles, but only under the provision that the over-arching voice remains consistent. No matter what he touches, whether it’s the rolling drum & bass of ‘Now Set Up’ or some slo-mo dancehall mutations, Papadatos remains steadfast in his commitment to that philosophy. For anyone seeking an introduction, this mix best encapsulates the creative vision of a singular artist.

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