DJ Mantis was poised to strike the moment we asked him to record a mix. Nature’s perfect predator, the producer and DJ is relentless in his pursuit of all things hard – hard house, hard trance, hardstyle; the thread runs thick and strong through the music put out on his imprint NRGProduct, not to mention what he’s given given to Lobster Theremin and High Heal.

Mantis, however, is perhaps more familiar as a tireless DJ. The Berliner turns out highly kinetic and sledge-banger euphoric mixes breathlessly – Possession, Drill, PRR! PRR!, Low Income Squad, and pipipi can count themselves among the illustrious swathe he’s contributed to – and he’s only gone and shared the latest clutch with us. A celebration of dancefloor euphoria and the upper echelons of BPM.

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