There’s a deftness and a lightness of touch to Perila’s music. Even the dirgiest and most abrasive moments from last year’s Boomkat Editions tape evoke a certain elegance that belies their tone. What she’s best known for, however, are hypnagogic reveries. We’re talking soft-focus drone and ambient rendered in plaintive and sensuous hues, but the true breadth of the Berliner’s sound isn’t to be overlooked.

One of the cassette’s foremost proponents in 2021, Perila’s tapes have graced the likes of TTT, Motion Ward and sferic. She’s also pulling strings at, not to mention the curatorial lead for WET, a podcast series exclusively geared towards ASMR triggers and “sonic sensuality”. It paints the picture of someone with a keen interest in the various properties of sound, healing or otherwise.

Evoking a reel of stills projected widescreen across a wall, her mix blooms with aerated textures, detail and etheric whimsy.

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