As Georgia, Brian Close And Justin Tripp might well have picked the least search engine-friendly alias in electronic music. Could it, however, be purposefully ambiguous due to the sheer breadth of what they do under that banner? Maybe it is deliberate after all, bestowing a kind of fluidity in how to define the New Yorkers’ overarching project.

These self-described “audio-visual storytellers” preside over such an expansive range of ventures, they could be considered creative polymaths. Commercial work for brands like Converse sit alongside releases characterised by the duo’s off-kilter flair – Meakusma, Firecracker Recordings and Youth are just three examples of labels that have nurtured their experimental tendencies – and from video production to branding, it seems there isn’t a great deal they can’t do.

Released on Florence label OOH-sounds, their latest album, State Effect (Accel), takes a collagist approach, joining dots between disparate genres with uncompromising, freeform spirit. In the pursuit of non-linearity, the origin of said tropes remain obscure, circling back to that defining characteristic: ambiguity. It casts any real sense of time or place aside, and their mix follows a similar path.

“The mix was made in two parts. Half in the East and half in the West. Half in the country and half in the city – but does it matter when you’re at home?  It drifts between melody, voice, rhythm and noise – acoustic and electric – without preference – music of the past feels new, recent music feels aged – out of time/place – piped into a stream/dream.” – Georgia

State Effect (Accel) is out now on OOH-sounds | Buy it here

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