Max Abysmal is proof that tempo doesn’t necessarily dictate intensity in music. Most of what he touches bumps along around a modest 100 BPM, but an acolyte of rhythm and percussion first and foremost, pacing never diminishes the potency of his output.

Preferring to record in the first take and equipped with a mindset that he’s making it for himself, Abysmal’s output is representative of music in its purest form. Balmy, proto-house stylings on a debut for Young Marco’s Safe Trip label little more than a slight stylistic detour, remixes on ninih and Kalahari Oyster Tribe brought the chugging, tribal elements he’s become synonymous with.

These qualities also inform his DJing. The Sydney-born, Amsterdam-based DJ and producer belongs to a new generation frequently spotted either bathed in the red glow of the Red Light Radio studio or in the booth of clubs like De School and Garage Noord, and while found reaching for accelerated tempos on occasion, his mix is an expansive trip through rhythm-focused esoterica. Channelling voodoo ritual and drum circle meditations, Max Abysmal ascends to a higher state of consciousness in just under an hour.

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