The title of SZCH‘s first release, 2015’s ‘some jungle 2 overcome the tough shit in life [is this jungle? idk]’, gives a small indication of what to expect from ‘Ana’s Theme’, the first track on Online ConversationsConverpilations Vol. 1 (rubbing shoulders with the likes of D. Tiffany and Tlim Shug).

Playful with genre conventions (is it jungle?), warm pads give way to hard breaks before the introduction an effervescent vocal loop. Things get darker: a vocal sample asking to be shown the way out of ‘this trauma’, pure early ’90s darkcore, before the mood is lightened again with some ravey stabs, almost teasing the listener. There’s lots going on, and yet it builds into something strangely beautiful, the various elements easing into their own spaces: dark and light, hard and soft, happy and sad all at once.

Converpilations Vol.1 is out soon on Online Conversations – pre-order the vinyl here.

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