It’s been 3 years since Tony Marie, AKA Loto Retina, graced Orange Milk Records with Fiction‘s  crystalline avant-garde. The French producer furnished his 11-track album with ambient soundscapes and warped chorales, establishing an immensely evocative and tactile sonic environment in the process. Now emerging from the proverbial wilderness, a release for Parisian label Promesses hails a new, comparably club-focused direction.

A 6-track suite of suite of hyper-realised maximalism, 2022 is somewhat reminiscent of Rustie’s finest work. Amongst the highlights are day-glo iterations of footwork, but ‘Loco’ distills the same palette through a jungle filter. There’s a cartoonish innocence, all playfully frenetic and bright-eyed without diminishing its dancefloor impact.

2022 is out September 25th on Promesses | Pre-order here

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