Various spirits have inhabited Rory McPike. The esteemed output harvestable via the mask(s) of Rory’s alter-egos – Bleekman, Dan White, Pickleman and perhaps more notably, Rings Around Saturn – has done and continues to impress, as the trail of breadcrumbs forever leads towards back to the Australian talent. This pedigree chum is brimmed full of fresh ideas and concepts and leaves no musical stone unturned when it comes to style and signature. Following an apparent hiatus of output from the tape-loving guise known as 2200, Rory blows yet another fusebox with the cassette format.

Are we there yet? Not even close. Set to drop on Altered States TapesWorld’s Fare is a gnashing 8-track package, crossing over from sounds reminiscent of early guitar infused synth-wave, to more uptempo power-electronic/aching industrial fusion we love so much. Plenty to get into here. Tangled within is ‘Cryo Freeze’ – a gorgeous 140bpm krautrock-feeling, supremely uplifting ride. Think early 2000s Dusseldorf’s Musiccargo, or Dollkraut on a summer of love tip.

World’s Fare is out October 10th on Altered States Tapes | Pre-order here

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