Out soon on Barcelona-based label anòmia, the latest 333 Boyz release, their first in 5 years, is indicative of a duo unafraid to stick their heads above the parapet. Taking risks with the most ambitious outing to date, Yours, is a focused distillation of their musical influences in album form.

Without resorting to pastiche, the sound is a maximilist melting pot. It’s somewhat reminiscent of early Murlo in its union of futurist gleam and angular club tropes, all 3D rendered chrome, radiant light trails and simulated emotion. Employing sampling and live instrumentation to charge through a range of influences, they run the gamut between loud and soft, frantic and gentle, sentimental and severe, as if to leave no stone unturned. We’re suspended constant state of flux, and nowhere is this more apparent than the sweltering ‘Globehead Part 1’.

Yours, is out September 8th on anòmia | Pre-order here

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