Laced with grit and frostbite, 404’s latest EP is fitting amidst the Great Tribulation of 2020. A sinister package filled with tonnes of turbulence, the 4-tracker picks up where Off Course left off. The bar was left considerably high following their aforementioned Candomblé debut, and this one further demonstrates why the Parisian collective are worth paying close attention to.

A debut for Joakim’s Crowdspacer imprint, 404 don’t drop the baton here by any means. A swampy, atmospheric, sci-fi, synth-noir concussion, title track ‘Cliffhanger’ steam-chugs into a soundtrack for sacrificial ceremonies on the dancefloor. In all its glory, this is arguably 404’s most spell-binding club track to do date.

404 is out now on Crowdspacer | Buy it here

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