It feels like a hot minute since 90 Process dropped The OJ² from Metz EP earlier this year on 10 Pills Mate. A barn-storming, fully-formed EP, it flourished across warehouses everywhere with the hard kickin’ drum work and new age spiritual chants of A1’s ‘Should We Call It Trance’ making clubbers far and wide hold their reiki healing crystals aloft. They’re back again, this time for Lobster Theremin, treating dancers and DJs alike to 5 slamming cuts of fast doofin’ techno tinged with a deep ’90s rave sensibility following their namesake.

B2’s ‘Strictly Cut’ is exactly that, a strict cut of 140++BPM rave-techno that bolts straight out the bassbin (watch them, I’m tellin’ ya). Layered kicks lurch underneath as steady claps lay the trellis for a well deserved amen breakdown. Delay trailed rave pads hark back to a time when tesselas were in vogue and the whole track screams ’90s revival in a way that makes you want to grab your mate and tell them you love them at 6 AM.

The No Warehouse Needed EP is out July 27th on Lobster Theremin – pre-order direct from the label.

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