Probably better known as Unkwon and one third of electro group Av Av Av, Anders Dixen, AKA A.dixen, has unveiled the first part of his Death Tapes trilogy on Copenhagen’s ØEN REC.. Rooted in the brooding and desolate post-industrial style that is dark ambient, Death Tapes Vol. I combines synth modulations with elemental source material and warped field recordings procured by Dixen himself.

Sometimes this angle of the ethereal can be placid and downright foreboding, but A.dixen finds synergy between the organic and the manufactured in a way that feels soothingly hypnotic, almost hopeful. ‘A System To End All Systems’, while touting a title hinting of a dire regime shift, builds upon a flowing, Debussy-esque drone of analog synths, chains, and what sounds like a very melodic chair being pushed along a factory floor, the crest of which is a sudden break into calm piano musings.

Death Tapes Vol. I is out March 15th on ØEN REC. – pre-order direct from the label.

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