Belgium has a long and industrious history of providing the world with electronic music that can only be described with seemingly unpleasant adjectives – noisy, aggressive, confrontational, gritty – you get the idea. It’s the birthplace of EBM and basically wrote the rulebook for UK hardcore with new beat; for a small, divided country, it has left a loud legacy. Based in Brussels, AIR LQD are continuing this noble tradition on their second release, Remain Neutral, which is set to be unleashed on the world by Unknown Precept next week. As we head deeper into a dark and miserable winter, and the world seems to burn around us, Remain Neutral is a cold blast of Rhythmic Noise-inflected techno perfectly matching the unforgiving environment around us.

‘No, Thanks’ is a track as obstinate as the title suggests: a rolling fuck-off of a tune that builds in intensity and noisiness across its four minutes and fifty seconds, with heavy electro-leanings throughout – a sonic act of refusal in a world which always expects us to say ‘yes’.

The Remain Neutral EP is out November 29th on Unknown Precept – pre-order the vinyl direct from the label.

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