If aircode‘s TT debut announced the Londoner as a disruptive force, Effortless is an exploration of that formula through the prism of uncertainty, anxiousness and apathy. Written in a state of sleep-deprived malaise, her focus might have been one of personal introspection, but it also seems like a reflection of the times. The Alien Jams 5-tracker seems to harness a collective feeling of unrest that only global pandemics could give rise to.

‘No Fun’ makes for a difficult, queasy listen. It’s an incongruous morass of glitching, fractured rhythm, caustic noise and metallic timbre imbued with this encroaching sense of jerky claustrophobia. Whether intentional or otherwise, its constantly shifting nature mirrors the chaos that has ensued globally over recent months.

Effortless is out September 25th on Alien Jams | Pre-order here

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