“Hybrid, relentless and hallucinogenic,” Berlin imprint Banlieue Records has its style nailed down to a tee. As a dependable purveyor of dusky electronics, the back-catalogue may only stretch to seven releases, but fifteen different names have already graced the label, including Nummer, DJ Overdose and Tom Dicicco. Never shying away from handing unfamiliar artists an opportunity either, the latest off the Banlieue production line comes from Budapest’s Aiwa, a producer best known for his work on Hungarian label, Farbwechsel.

An beatless composition in constant flux, EP opener ‘Etamorph’ lends new meaning to the phrase “short but sweet” – for starters, it’s deeply immersive. Gentle pads surge forward with a dreamlike ambience and watery synths conjure images of fountains and dripping taps. Running at just over three minutes, the track has a whiff of new age about it, but its relatively short duration will leave you wanting more.

The Time-Based Architecture EP is out May on Banlieue Records – pre-order the vinyl here.

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