In the annals of modern Hellenic sound, Athens-based composer Akis Dauotis, more commonly known as Akis, is something of an enigma. Over the last twenty-five years he has amassed a diverse assemblage of sounds. Indeed, traversing decades and genres his periodical vignettes experimented with everything from rock to hip hop. However, the 1990 debut album, an abstract spatiotemporal masterpiece entitled Into the Light, has been his enduring document. It also proves as elusive as it is expensive, currently going for a pretty penny on Discogs.

Headed up by IIias Pitsios, namesake label Into The Light have decided to give two Akis choice-cuts a something of a re-up. The heavyweight line-up for the four-track EP includes reinterpretations from Toulouse Low Trax, Bartosz Kruczynski, Benoit B and K100 Signal.

Our scope sees Benoit B remix ‘Ecological Awareness’. On paper the Frenchman seems like a titillating choice, himself having had a diverse sonic trajectory over the past few years releasing on the likes on Versatile Records, Berceuse Heroique and Wisdom Teeth. The track cleverly keeps the luminary buoyancy of the original, whilst adding a new depth to the jingly dreamscape; an essential cut of a celestial utopic.

Akis Remixed is out May 3rd on Into The Light – pre-order the vinyl here.

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