To begin 2019, the legendary JD Twitch of Optimo Music has been kind enough to offer us a shiny new sub-label entitled ‘Against Fascism Trax’. The imprint’s creation comes at a time of escalating political opposition and dissentience channelled through the medium of electronic music. AF Trax aims to significantly combat the global bureaucratic shift towards a far-right ideology and protect those marginalised as a consequence via the message of solidarity. The overarching ethos harks back to the very genesis of dance music, and ALL label profits will go towards countering racism and fascism.

AFTRAX 002 comes courtesy of Al Jerry; an ambivalent figure conjured up by Benoit B of Banlieue Records and Peur Bleue boss Gohan. The collaboration seeks to evoke political imagery of historical emphasis within each track; synonymously with the spirit of AF Trax, but also to pay homage to arabesque culture whilst Al’s tongue is somewhat in his cheek.

‘Tarlabasi Snake’ instantly nails the aforementioned aesthetic. Sitting pretty somewhere between classic house and electro, the syncopated drums spatter sparsely in the midst of nigh-on Drexciyan chord stabs and a stereotypical but alluring Arabian flute intonation, which is akin to the timeworn understanding of a cliched snake charmer. The result is a slinking groove with impressive depth. There’s undoubtedly more alchemy to come from this project that we can call Al.

Zerma Thurstra is out February 8th on AF Trax.

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