Echoing voices and ringing whistles lead you through a gloomy tropical forest into the territory of an alien tribe. Distant and harmonious, the chanting is somewhat comforting while you carefully tread the shadows. As vibrant percussion and whacked-out modular synths fill the night’s air, a crowd gathers ominously and a looming figure calls out into the darkness. Perched behind the distant foliage and intrigued by unfolding events, harmonies intensify the rhythm along with the ceremony – a mystical blue light begins to emanate as the giant man grabs ahold of a random youth. In sync with the ritualistic chanting, a bright florescent flash resonates from the boy’s body, engulfing the surroundings as the crowd vanishes without a trace. Confused and bewildered, the slow rhythmic music echoing in the now empty space which they once occupied, you stumble into the centre of the clearing to make sense of it all.

A slow-burning journey through progressional modular synth, screeching electronics and warm percussion, Naduve is found on the remix duties. Re-working a track by Italian duo Alien Alien – the shadowy side project from Hugosan and Rodion – the Tel Aviv-based producer links up with Malka Tuti under his solo guise for the very first time.

Perfidia is out April 10th on Malka Tuti – pre-order the vinyl here.

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