Gaining momentum with every record, Lisbon-based label Naive lines up its third release with a 12″ of Scandinavian origin. Coming on the back of barnstorming inaugural effort from label-head Violet and her subsequent collab with compatriot BLEID, the release in question takes the shape of a full debut, a heavy techno-focused drum workout from the Swedish producer and DJ, Almaty.

Looking at the tracklisting, it’s amazing to see so much talent on one disc: Octa Octa’s wubbing, atmospheric epic reinterpretation, the grunting crawling reimagining of the soundscape by Rádio Quântica co-founder Photonz or Endian’s kick drum onslaught, each remix provides a fresh, distinct take. Today though, we’re giving the original some airtime.

Almaty’s track is a mind-boggling fusion of 2-step drum sensibility and techno flow that makes for an excellent tool in any DJ’s arsenal. Clearly sound-designed for the primetime, it opens with clanging snares, and is driven by its use of sonant toms. It’s to the point, it’s raw, but at the same time, by the sum of its parts, it’s more than merely a 4×4 functional banger. From 303-style wubs to sawtooth synths, the mix of percussion and deeply mood-setting melodic elements give off a trance-inducing aura that’ll be setting floors across the world alight.

Gennaro is out July 27th on Naive – pre-order the vinyl here.

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