Trance, a term too often used as a blasé, short-hand appraisal for production sounding too cheesy, e.g. endless build ups and breakdowns generally deemed unnecessary. Done with finesse, however, and you have a soundtrack containing emotions of mastery and control.

German-based Blue Hour, a label ubiquitous with the quick and heavy, link up with mighty Norwegian Trance collective UTE, a techno-trance-nucleus composed of Marilao, Mikkel Rev and Oprofessionell. Reworking music from Blue Hour alumni Alpha Tracks, Dold and Tracing Xircles, the UTE family endearingly dismantle the artists’ original work, hanging onto the ethos of all but applying an expected trance turbo for this vital re-up.

Omformer, a collaboration between Mikkel Rev and Oprofessionell, reconfigure Alpha Tracks’ Berghain-laced ‘Golden Shot’ into a strobey dancefloor come-up. Rolling along for 10 minutes with wind tides at approx. 150BPM – a shift up in tempo from the original – Omformer’s indispensable ‘Energy Cycle’ re-fit harnesses that trademark trance spirit via the life-affirming climbs on offer.

Blue Hour x UTE [Remixes] is out October 19th | Pre-order here

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