When Niels and Jens Danckaert started up 9300 Records alongside Toon de Grez, it seemed clear this wasn’t a label to beat around the bush. Now entering its sophomore year, they’ve handed a debut to a previously unknown quality, but a commitment to pushing rough and ready dance tracks has never wavered.

Hailing from Offenbach, Germany, AM Unit‘s only previous exposure came when DJ Haus played an unreleased cut on Rinse FM and a year on, that very track has made its way onto a fourth effort from the 9300 camp. Built around the insistent earworm of an acid line and augmented with hard-edged claps and runaway train cymbals, ‘Raw Jam’ leads a jacking assault on the senses. It’s hardware-powered acid house for the modern age, and these guys clearly don’t fuck about. Simple, unadorned, but oh so very effective.

AM Unit’s 069-Jamz EP is out mid-March – Pre-order from Redeye or deejay.de.

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