Singapore’s well known for being one of the cleanest, tidiest places on the planet – maybe even bordering on sterile. But while the surroundings are spick and span, that doesn’t necessarily dictate the personality of any music emanating from the island city-state. Midnight Shift is one record label that rings true with in particular, and their latest recruit wasn’t likely to buck any trends.

Already home to mind-bending efforts from Basic Soul Unit, John Heckle and Eduardo de la Calle, Andreas Gehm is the latest to pin his colours to the Midnight Shift mast. It’s a debut that sees Gehm take the label to raucous new heights in the process, and particularly so on B1 contribution, ‘Little Funk’. Monolithic, stabby chords hint towards a weighty piano workout, but that’s just the appetiser before he unleashes a piercing acid line of a main course. Combine that with some boisterous drums and you’re left with a track capable of shaking the sturdiest of buildings by their foundations.

Andreas Gehm’s Boxx EP is out on May 30th – pre-order the vinyl from Redeye.

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