Andy Rantzen‘s Wikipedia page doesn’t really do the Australian justice. Described as a “Sydney-based lo-fi electronic recording artist,” he’s best known as one half of Itch-E and Scratch-E – the proggy ‘Sweetness and Light’ is widely held as a seminal track from the early days of Antipodean rave – while the catalyst for Rantzen’s recent resurgence actually came through a renewed interest in his dubbier output. Elsewhere, both lithe ambient and queer house dripping with close sweat featured on Andras and Instant Peterson-curated compilation, 3AM Spares. Reducing his output to simply lo-fi barely covers half of it.

A cross-pollination of styles with six tracks dating back to the early ’90s, his release on ninih offers six points of entry to a discography as vast as it is eclectic. Where the A-side is best-suited for post-club meditation, all spacious and contemplative, the flip has dancefloors in mind with three slabs of reverb-inflected dancefloor ordnance. Backed with a dub-driven stepper rhythm and trance-inducing through repetition, penultimate track ‘Spiral Staircase’ is a prime representation of Rantzen’s melting pot sound.

Chambers Of The Palace is out now on ninih – buy it here.

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