Busy exploring bleak soundscapes, abstract rhythms and the nuances of IDM, Analogical Force is emerging as one of the more dynamic and progressive labels around. It may still be finding it’s feet, but bossman Pervert is steering the Madrid-based imprint into territory that gets weirder and more wonderful with each passing release. Up next is a three-tracker from an Irishman going by the name of Anodyne, although it’s safe to say his music is anything but.

‘Gone’ is a true beast of a track. Skipping, overdriven kicks provide a vigorous thrust, but don’t let that fool you. Tremulous and warbling, the spluttering groove always feels like a supporting cast to the serene synth washes that fill every nook and cranny of negative space. Even after a sudden lift in ferocity midway through, the sprawling textures still manage to overwhelm Anodyne’s harsh, misshapen rhythms. It’s raucous but strangely uplifting.

AF003 is out on April 18th – Pre-order the vinyl direct from the label.

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