With only a couple of edits to his name, the mysterious Anonstop can be found summoning the spirit of Alfredo and Jose Padilla on the latest effort from San Francisco’s Public Release. Taking his cue from those Ibizan luminaries, the California native has delivered a lush cut of Balearic goodness straight out of the Bay Area. It’s our first taste of an original production from Anonstop, arriving on a four-tracker that puts the spotlight on local talent alongside Cage & Aviary, Bezier and 40 Theives.

The floaty, glowing pads radiate warmth, conjuring idyllic scenes of sprawling, unspoilt shorelines, sea birds and the intense reflection of sunlight on the water. There are echoes of the ’80s in the snares, so soaked in gated reverb that they begin to sound like a strong tide breaking on the rocks. Short, but oh-so-sweet, ‘Seaside’ might tempt you to trade it all up for a life of blissful pedalo cruises and jugs of sangria.

415-PR10 is out now via Public Release – Buy it here.

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