Expat producers are emerging all the time. Aussies living in London, Brits in Berlin… you get the picture. Whether relocating due to financial burdens or a need to be closer to a community of likeminded creatives, moving to a new city often bears fruit for these new arrivals. It could be down to a fresh perspective or change of scenery, but there’s no denying the correlation between expatriates and flourishing careers in the electronic underground.

Recently appearing on our radar, fresh-faced Italian artist Antonio is one such producer, having been handed the handed the task of christening a label from his current hometown of Frankfurt. Smashing Tape Records is the label in question and backed up with a remix from Sao Paolo’s Innsyter (aka Seixlack), their 12″ debut is likely to make a big impression.

With a full release on the near horizon we have the pleasure of premiering the opener – a devastating slice of tape-damaged lo-fi going by the name of ‘K-K’. Driving with purpose and vigour, the bassline doesn’t take prisoners as it propels the track through its motions, but there’s a certain degree of warmth emanating from the intricately textural elements that swirl overhead. Even at a time when lo-fi records seem so ubiquitous, the tried and tested formula doesn’t feel at all stale or passé at the hands of the Italian.

Antonio’s Breeze EP is due to arrive in April. Email smashingtaperecords@gmail.com to pre-order a copy.

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