If-Only regulars X-Kalay have resurfaced with a sub-label aptly named Silver Lake, outfitted to press limited runs of 10” cuts that glide in the dreamier, left-field recesses of the electronic spectrum. Much to our satisfaction, our favourite Tokyo-based enigma Aquarium is first up.

With a title like Luxury Water Jewels and the aquatic artwork attached, you quickly get some indication about the sort of submerged sonic theatre you’re about to enter into. The blissfully reflective cadences of each track chart a journey through a place and a memory that are palpably felt. ‘Swimming’ calcifies this idea best as an undulating trip that rises and falls like a butterfly stroke through a glistening veil of gliding synths, with gargling percussion that gets even more nullifying with each plunging kick and exhalation.

Luxury Water Jewels is out October 14th on Silver Lake – pre-order direct from the label.

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