In their first release on newly coined label Sitdownandance, Turkish producer Arketip serves up four slices of horizontal and atmospheric electro with his Işık Dürümcüsü EP. Also known as Salih Topuz, the drummer of the Braindance project he works as part of the Istanbul-based Vayb crew putting on esoteric parties with headliners including heavy hitters Surgeon, Speedy J and Venetian Snares.

Opening up with duelling, serpentine synths, the Rephlex-inspired ‘Kulağı Ilan Işitsin” inhabits a space between genres, sitting comfortably between ambient and dance. Slow attack synth lines are tied together with an arpeggiated bass that acts as a spine below an otherwise floating journey through synthesis. It’s a track of varied motifs, from high-register atmospheric chimes to elongated chords, where the beat takes a backseat in the mix and acts mainly as a point of grounding for Arketip’s drifting soundscape.

Işık Dürümcüsü is out April 20th on Sitdownandance.

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