Chinabot as an imprint repudiates the sicknesses of western-centric laden electronic music. Formed as a citadel to promote the fountain of exciting Asian sounds back in 2017, the label has mapped a lot of outstanding music on the nebula, now sparking yet another luminescence as Filipino-Chinese Chinabot artist Auspicious Family graciously pairs with the Berlin-based multi-instrumentalist Laure Boer.

On Wayward Symmetry, Boer‘s classical background becomes entwined with Auspicious Family’s sepulchral textures, in turn producing something that feels vogue. You can easily tell both artists have great have great respect for one another, especially on ‘Brouillard’, where the harmony between them is hard to ignore.

With an immense progression that was recorded live, the droning 15-minute track might easily be mistaken for a mix in all its dynamism. Think pagan battle soundtrack, slithering around a tomb, metamorphosing into the vocals and percussive mist of an unknown world. The spell of improvisation really works.

Wayward Symmetry is out November 26th on Chinabot | Pre-order here

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