Azu Tiwaline sent waves last year. Released early 2020 on Marseille imprint I.O.T, debut album Draw Me a Silence was rich and sincere, exploring the overlap of dubby complex North-African rhythm and hazy Bristol bass atmospherics. Hardly surprising she then found a welcome home on Livity Sound, who released her follow-up, the much-lauded Magnetic Service EP, later in July.

Having provided music for an On The Corner compilation and a remix for Fazer Drums, it is now Tiwaline’s turn for reinterpretation. Remixed by a trio of kindred beings who variously share the mystic, hyper-percussive charge that Tiwaline channels, Laksa, Flore, and Don’t DJ each take on a track from the aforementioned album.

Florian Meyer, AKA Don’t DJ, takes their time with the track, turning in an 11-minute, subtly-shifting and immersive slow-burn. Hypnogogic and polyrhythmic, Meyer strips back almost all traces of melody, letting the focus roam around the different elements of the deep percussive trance invoked. Guiding in the back, under everything, the long, dark drones rise and dissipate; hushed voices run backwards, loop; cymbals shimmer away; each becoming phrases as the pulse is internalised – moving beyond the breath. Big versions by Laksa and Flore too, the former bringing a lurching, energising DMZ dub monster.

Draw Me A Silence Remixes is out March 26th on I.O.T. Records | Pre-order here

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