Petrola 80, the Danish imprint run by Severin and Yelzin, comes through with another exciting voyage into the unknown. With 11 different artists contributing to the second instalment in their Embrace, Expand, Exchange trilogy, perhaps the most intriguing of all is Basic House, AKA Stephen Bishop, the Teesside-based producer best known as the founder of renowned UK cassette label, Opal Tapes.

‘Sweater Shop’ utilises seismic, bass-heavy transmissions. Rattling diversions operate within the background as means to envelop proceedings within a shroud of artificial and technological mystique. There are definitive grooves at play, albeit constantly evolving and mutating alongside the overarching and ever-present electronic drive: a truly hypnotic piece of work. Any allusions to IDM for this one are justified – this warped gem serves its purpose as a blinding bit of braindance.

Expand is out March 20th on Petrola 80 | Pre-order here

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