The irony that SPA‘s output is about as far as you could get from a David Lloyd leisure centre massage, facial, hot tub and steam room experience isn’t lost on us. Their latest EP from Belia Winnewisser, the imprint’s fifth release, follows suit. A Comet Blazing In The Empyrean is full of hard edges, heavy machinery, sawed-off synths and icy voices; like the label’s hometown of Cologne in the depths of winter, this music will freeze your tits off if you’re not careful.

In other places, Winnewisser’s sound does blaze and flare; at full tilt, these tracks could soundtrack the freakiest of drag balls, as marching riddims crash down the runway in flesh-fissuring leather bondage gear. On track three, which we premiere above, the EP takes its most joyful turn as trancey stabs (à la Gigi D’Agostino at the climax of Uncut Gems) meet a UK funky-cum-reggaeton beat characteristic of SPA co-founder Phillip Jondo’s DJ sets.

For the most part though, Jondo and his fellow label heads DJ Brom and Friday Dunard paint a steely, bleak nightscape with their curation. Like the shooting star of this EP’s title, SPA’s sound violently combines light and dark, inspiring awe and striking fear simultaneously.

A Comet Blazing In The Empyrean is out soon on SPA

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