Wasting little time between releases, Banlieue honcho Benoit B delivers a fresh clutch of tracks through the international segment of Athens-based imprint, Into The Light. Notes Of Love comes as a cool, buoyant selection of pad laden machine funk, sparse proto-house angles and interjections from synth arps, spin backs and orchestra/dog hits; easy-going and head-bobbing while keeping a playful sensibility at its core.

On the beatless tip is ‘Polar Nights’, aptly aligning with the clear and frigid atmosphere of a sunset spent under the Northern lights. Crystalline and expansive, new age in character, you can practically hear the penguins fishing for lunch beneath an ice sheet of flute and bell. It’s chilly yet organic, a brief view of dusky panorama before the next day’s journey.

Notes Of Love is out soon on Into The Light Records – pre-order here

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