Fragrant IDM from the same clutch as the Irresistible Force, B12, Lifestyles of the Laptop Cafe, and other Artificial Intelligence; the seventh release from Mélodies Souterraines wanders through a buoyant haze of downcast dystopia and verdant inner-vista, all neuro-bubbling textures and fine detail. The focus for this collection is ‘the electric-dancing-mind’, with the gaze cast towards ambient and electronica from the UK in the ’90s – stoned ambient bleeps and modular noodling which pulses and drifts like Higher Intelligence Agency or slower Astralwerks, with the more far-out at times being reined in and channelled variously through more direct machine workouts.

Take for example the IDM techno of Bigeneric’s ‘Deltoid’, originally from their 1995 LP, Myriades. The roomy, rolling electro glints and pulses, urging the cascading inspiral trance flourishes over the direct freneticism of the Detroit-loaded drums. It’s much harder energy than is found elsewhere on the record, but still dreams, playing around with rhythmic layering and sound. As well as Bigeneric we’re presented with plenty treasure from Simon Crab (Bourbonese Qualk), Andrea Desidera, Kreggo (founder of label Art-Aud) and James Bernard (as Protocol and Influx), amongst others. Melodies Souterraines (sister to Musiques Electroniques Actuelles and Hybride Sentimento) continues to put out nuanced and beautifully assembled releases, well researched and pretty singular in their take.

“M​/​N” is out September 29th on Mélodies Souterraines – pre-order direct from the label.

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