Percolating a gourmet brew of dreamy, tape-damaged house through their hazy filter, practically everything about the inaugural French Press Lounge release points towards the early hours. From artwork baring the image of a dilapidated nightclub at the crack of dawn to the coffee references, early morning imagery pervades Chillax, the sophomore effort from FPL head honcho Kyle Lyon aka Blair Sound Design.

Hot on the heels of a cassette for SEAGRAVE, Lyon’s vinyl debut is to be followed by tapes from fellow Floridians SAKI and Java and a split effort alongside regular co-conspirator Daddy Gingko. In the meantime, we’re taking a moment to enjoy the strong aromas emanating from Chillax, and more specifically, B1 contribution, ‘Morning After Spicy Beef’.

Described as “an apt soundtrack for long and wistful road trips,” the borrowed Commodore 64 sounds mingle with crude, skeletal breakbeats coated in tape hiss, and the warm, drifting synth lines swell like a milky tide. It all comes together to create the feeling of floating through a dream-state landscape. Gliding round the Grand Prix Circuit, muffled winds rustle through 1000 foot tall sycamores and crystallised, morning dew glistens in the warm glow of dawn.

Chillax is out on French Press Lounge on July 11th with cassettes limited to 25 – pre-order the vinyl here.

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