Arriving just in time for tomorrows impending full moon, Blind Delon and Black Egg draw in the season of mists and mellow fruitlessness with their eerie EP, Dancefloor Dummies. Released on Italy/Berlin-based imprint She Lost Kontrol, it’s an ode to the legacy of coldwave, with vintage synth-led punk, steered by gnarling bass lines and wayward, spine-shivering vocals.

On the flip, Kris Baha’s remix of ‘More Than A Kiss’ bears the same chilling energy that courses through the rest of the EP. In typical Baha fashion though, the Power Station co-founder’s distinct Antipodean twang pulls through with body music reverberations, minimal wave electronics and industrial-leaning percussion. Adorned with theatrical haunting lyrics courtesy of Black Egg, the French accent adds a blackened stark element to proceedings. Tempestuous and ritualistic, this is music to awaken spirits to as winter grows nearer and the nights get longer.

Dancefloor Dummies is out today on She Lost Kontrol – buy it direct from the label.

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