Horror disco outfit Giallo Disco have amassed an all-star team of alumni in the arrival of mega digital compilation, Apocalypse Domani. Worthy of the aficionado title, esteemed stalwarts and GD bosses Vercetti Technicolor and Antoni Maiovvi have built up a label free of ostentatious fumes, and the 23-tracker perfectly encapsulates their tendency to draw from the golden age of giallo and Italian horror.

The Trilogy Tapes affiliate Bogdan Dražić sticks to the Giallo Disco script on his contribution. It isn’t hard to imagine ‘Cyrk II’s hauntological electro soundtracking a strobe-lit Leatherface as he charged through the industrial cauldron of Berghain, dismembering all who stood in his way. Sounding like the evil twin of A Split Second anthem, ‘Flesh’, it’s a much welcomed spin on industrial/EBM tropes that too often feel hackneyed in other hands.

Apocalypse Domani is out soon on Giallo Disco

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