Forthcoming on Athens imprint Trial & Error, label boss Mario Naris unleashes 3 slabs of rolling, slugging and often squelching techno, complete with an ethereal deconstruction by Jay Glass Dubs on the flip. Assuming the motto “for the mind and feet” Trial & Error’s output hints at IDM, while perhaps inviting inviting perhaps a little less chin stroking, and Bonebrokk’s efforts certainly live up to the intention.

Best known for his releases on Bokeh Versions, Jay Glass Dubs reworks the A2, deconstructing its stems through an experimental dub framework that touches on ambient, drone and techno. Setting out his stall immediately in the signature JGD style, he boils the track down to its base elements and explores with deep echoing dubs, reverse symbol work and haunting sustained pianos that intersect with one another without becoming muddy. Garbled vocals interject against whooshing pads and distant horns. Not necessarily one for the floor in the same way the rest of the EP represents, but certainly one for the cool down.

Hollow Systems is out October 27th on Trial & Error – pre-order direct from the label here.

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