Like a lot of Broshuda‘s output, Contemplative Figuration defies categorisation. It’s undefinable, weaving a path between musique concrète, ambient, tape collage and spoken word. The graphic artist-cum-producer is as much intrepid explorer as he is electroacoustic researcher, and out soon on Soda Gong, this is arguably his most ambitious outing to date.

Rather than conforming to the expectations of how his music ought to sound, Broshuda subverts and mutates with every outing. A unique voice in an oversaturated world, Contemplative Figuration is indicative of how releases have grown increasingly abstract over time, while its episodic nature tells of something written on the move, the product of impromptu collaborations and sessions with borrowed gear.

Premiering below, ‘Leg’ shows how once-familiar sounds can become transportive soundscape, manipulating piano loops and soundbites until there’s some semblance of rhythm. Disorientating and somewhat amorphous, it’s a consummate example of psychoacoustic experimentation.

Contemplative Figuration is out September 25th on Soda Gong | Pre-order here

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