Keeping track of all the emerging record labels can prove demanding, but then there are moments when you’re rewarded for keeping an ear close to the ground. Stumbling across the Bristol-based Tutamen imprint certainly constitutes as one of those moments, with the the label readying their first vinyl release; a split 12″ effort from Brooklyn’s Chupacabras and the previously unheard-of Brother Y.

As far as introductions go, it doesn’t get much better than this. Arriving hot on the heels of four face-melting cassettes, the impending release will likely cement Tutamen’s reputation as a label to watch and today we turn our attention to ‘Another Cold Sweat’, a spellbinding cut that serves as our first taste of this new kid on the block. Built around spacious tones and a shimmering melody, there’s something calming and almost therapeutic about the way the ascending bass fills the room. If there’s one thing we can take away from here today, it’s that Brother Y has a real ear for the mesmeric.

TUTAMEN001 is out on February 29th. Keep an eye on the Tutamen site for the pre-order.

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