Brooklyn meets Margate, with a twist. Safe (Exits) arrives as the latest drop from the New York-based Spring Theory, teaming up with Bryce Hackford for his second release on the imprint. Bravely exploring the outer limits of what one can be forged following a weeklong retreat to the Kentish coastline, this 8-tracker is a continuation of Bryce’s residency at the PRAH Foundation back in 2017. Time well spent for the New Yorker, with this hallucinatory, self-contained cosmos speaking loudly for itself.

With collective clearly favoured over the individual, Bryce states that he invited eleven other musicians from various backgrounds to improvise on the tracks, making it “more of a chance ensemble record, with players in unlikely combinations, from disparate backgrounds both personal and musical, pushing a collage aesthetic beyond sampling.” Made in isolation, Bryce was then tasked with mixing and arranging the contributions into a cohesive LP.

‘Zajal’ is a stand out on the album. Laden with an atmospherically Middle-Eastern mood, climbing the ranks of tension with a spectrum of jazz-esque percussive stabs, carrying the frostbitten murmurs of an unknown vocal leaves for an interesting listen.

Tender, delicate and at times tense, Safe (Exits) in all the way it communicates, has a lot to say through its intelligence.

Safe (Exits) is out April 9th on Spring Theory | Pre-order here

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