How many “theme” tracks can you name? My friend once put this challenge to me. It turns out there are loads in dance music, and they tend to be pretty iconic. There’s the deepness of the ‘Blaze Theme Track’; Unique 3’s bleep-defining ‘The Theme’; Bizzare Inc.’s timeless techno anthem ‘Bizarre Theme’… I’d even throw ‘Theme From Q’ into the mix as a modern classic. Maybe it’s the association with classical music that gives themes their air of grandiosity. Adding to the list, Bufiman‘s new ‘Members of Warning Theme’ truly fits the bill as an almost sonata-length breakbeat opus.

Eschewing any sort of hook that might liken it to a TV theme, Jan Schulte instead conducts something sprawling, rolling and progressive as his cape-wearing alter ego. Reminiscent of Ramjac Corp’s left-of-rave classic, ‘Cameroon Massif!’, it is a deeply hypnotic flight into lighter-than-air breaks that could form the dreamy climax to any loved-up dance.

Its title refers to the Warning collective, agency and party in Berlin, now in their fifth year and on their fifth record release, who regularly align with Salons des Amateurs selectors, such as Schulte, for their events. True to its collaborative environment, he’s joined on the EP by Dalo, whose electro tracks are a much darker affair. But it is the German’s “theme” and its message of kinship that is most vital right now.

WAR1201 is out December 1st on Warning | Pre-order here

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