Pavel Milyakov, AKA Buttechno, regularly demonstrates an aptitude for defying what the electronic music community expects in a record. His ability to blend fresh new concepts with a Musique concrète approach has been met with considerable praise across the board. Released on The Trilogy Tapes, Masse Métal was a case in point: Milyakov’s industrial lovechild saw a brief sidestep away from the Buttechno project in favour of more post-industrial realities. Now heading up a storming collaboration between his own Rassvet imprint and Russian institution Gost Zvuk, the singular artist punches an entirely fresh album concept into the circuitry grid.

PSY X shows how Milyakov’s desire to innovate continues unabated. From algorithms to lasers, he probed the possibilities of experimentation with unconventional tools and interactions between various media to forge what liner notes describe as “environments”. Trying to achieve sonic homogeneity through the synthesis of audible and visual media, stripped-back ambient soundscapes are sporadically sandwiched between a various gabber-esque anthems.

Striking a tone of contorted beauty and something deeply immersive, ‘2020’ is reminiscent of some the most spectacular early ’90s braindance. A shining example of how Milyakov evades the clutches of being confined to any single genre.

PSY X is out August 7th on Rassvet/Gost Zvuk | Pre-order here

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