The aptly titled NY imprint Sweat Equity deliver the goods with their latest output, which excitingly comes courtesy of American underground legend C Powers. Consisting of music that matches the high quality of its excellent artwork, Love Austerity is a 5-cut zinger of an EP that marries a whole host of kinetic dance styles over the course of its runtime – hear for yourself with our exclusive premiere of the A1, ‘Breach of Sale’.

Swathes of synths initiate the proceedings, which are initially bereft of explicit percussion – some uniquely startling sounds, including some unapologetically acidic squelches gradually come into play as the track progresses. These elements are soon catapulted into the stratosphere via a shift in tempo and a chanting set of echoing vocals, streamlining the track’s rhythm alongside some vintage breaks. A lovingly crafted, hypnotic dance tune that has echoes of both past and present.

Love Austerity is out August 24th on Sweat Equity – pre-order direct from the label.

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