Originally released on cassette in 1992, ambient album Skies in the Mirror has been committed to vinyl for the first time. Reissued by French label Hybride Sentimento, a subdivision of Late-Night Rec, the record from Italian duo Cabaret Du Ciel delves you into another world. Their name translating to the ‘Cabaret of Heaven’, it seems fitting that the sought-after album is a time warping delight which is both a lucid dream and dreamlike.

Falling in and out of textured menageries, the title track stands out as the album’s most jarring feature. Drawing you out of a hazy bliss, fazed out TV samples warn the listener about the danger of children eating your houseplants: “just one wrong munch could be fatal.” Synths overlap and merge into one another in a distinctive fashion that sets it apart from the wash of ambient music released in the early ’90s. The occasional burst of guitar or piano riff disperses into the distance, whilst samples from CTV News Medical Watch Reporter Karen Owen advise you on the best low-fat-non-carstenegentic food options. All together the track leaves a puzzled and chaotic celebration of bricolage – the ‘electronic research project’ crafts a heavily textured romance that draws you into a social critique of our obsessive world.

Tiled with isometric illusionary blue and white cubes, the cover, designed by Ariel Kalma, references the celestial colour palette of the well known 19th century Parisian club, Cabaret du Ciel. Kalma, a musician in his own right, draws on concepts of the afterlife in paradise using Windows 98, creating further intrigue to this sensuous record

Skies in the Mirror is out April 20th on Hybride Sentimento – pre-order direct from the label.

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